Dominik Krauß

Graphic Design



Soglia Artspace


During the summer 2014 we initialized an artspace with three group exhibitions in the city center of Leipzig. The former bookstore has 130 square meters, is 6 meters high and a has black concrete floor. That was a perfect invitation to use this vacant space for showing the works of 15 freshly graduated artists from across Germany, Switzerland and Iceland. The shows came along with concerts and readings. Soglia is Italian and means barrier.







Year 2014

Type Artspace

Artists Annekatrin Döll, Salomé Ziehli, Tobias Diehm, Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson, Sascha Patzig, Lars Anker Rasmussen, Ina Gerken, Maxi Weimann, Kévin Monot, Thomas Taube, Jakub Šimcik, Benjamin Bronni, Fabian Treiber, Andreas Bauer, Janes Gärttner

Autors Artur Krutsch, Maruan Paschen, Initiative Wort und Bild

Musicians Wa Lin, Rob Lando, PMN (MZIN)





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