Dominik Krauß

Graphic Design



Nah am Wasser


For his latest exhibition Friedemann Flöther was inspired by the stuff wrapping techniques of tourists on an Italian beach. That was the starting point for the work on the show at the Kunstmuseum Spendhaus in Reutlingen Germany. He has created artificial replica of that sculptures and covered them with snow spray. The result was a morbid and surreal atmosphere in the installation, which also reflected his polarising attitude in his artistic oeuvre.






Year 2014

Client Städtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus Reutlingen

Type Exhibition catalogue

Text Nila Weisser

Size 200 × 265  mm, 60 pages

Technique Offsetprint

Printer Rösler Druck, Schorndorf

ISBN 978-3-939775-38-6




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