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We have initialized five group exhibitions in a contemporary artspace with over 40 global and local talents. Furthermore we have organized some concerts, a vintage clothes fair, lectures and interdisciplinary music events. Every show is represented in one booklet of the documentation. The page numbers are running chronologically through all the formats. All fonts are made by students of the typedesign class at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. The book releases have been at MZIN Leipzig and SELF SERVICE open art space Stuttgart connected to exhibitions of an exclusive art edition.







Year 2011–2013

Type Publication, artspace

Technique Risoprint, offset

Size 200 × 270 mm, 96 pages

Collaboration Alexander Dietze, Maxi Weimann, David Röder, Lucas Fastabend, Simon Metzger, Katharina Baumgärtner, Brit Meyer, Suvi Häring, James Turek, Alexander Voigt, Julia Heuer, Helena Dietrich, Kleon Medugorac, Helmut Smits, Anne Rombach, Marco Habeck, Alba Frenzel, Edna Perez Martinez, Almut Hilf, Fine Bieler, Marie Gimpel, Victor Hugo, Henriquez Otero, Wenzel Staehlin, Zarah-Lili Gutsch, Philipp Kurzhals, Julia Maria Debus, Michael Wagner, Jana Voigt, Haiting Song, Florian Wenzel, Eberhard Bosslet, Nora Krings, Manuela Tirler, Sabine Fischer, Nils Hillebrand, Vladimir Mladenov, Baptiste Perrin, Anna Hainich, Benjamin Bronni, Martin Borst, Sebastian Cremers, Daniel Schludi,

Johannes Tolk, Ann Richter, Lysanne Bellemare, Anna Gille, Constanze Hein, Jonas Beuchert, Jan Steinbach, Tilman Schlevogt, Alex Kern

Fonts Franziska Weissgerber, Philipp Acsany, Aurelia Markwalder,  Monique Dickmanns, Phillipp Majdamin

Note Longlist most beautiful German books 2013




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