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Classical Music Concert — Rainer Ganahl


This artist publication-cum-record is the documentation of a classical music concert organized by Rainer Ganahl at El Mundo, a discount store occupying the premises of the former Eagel Theater in Spanish Harlem. Following the gradual wave of gentrification that has spread across Harlem, El Mundo has now closed, and the building will most likely be turned into a condo.

“Without knowing much about the social and ideological history of opera, I have the impression this particular classical music format was at one point an authentic expression of the then-popular culture, ideology, misery, hardship and passion of not only the rich but also the poor. Thus, the ad-hoc, spontaneous staging of this musical event in the precarious context of this dilapidated store awaiting immanent eviction was not only my private shopping daydream come true, but an attempt to reconnect some severed links.” The repertoire performed on the chilliest night of 2013 included Bizet, Debussy, Elgar, Massenet, Puccini, Rameau and Schubert.







Year 2013

Client White Columns New York, Rainer Ganahl

Type Exhibition catalogue with vinyl record

Size 320 × 320 mm, 120 pages

Publisher MOUSSE Publishing

ISBN 9788867490806





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