Dominik Krauß

Graphic Design



Consumer Happyness


The poster edition is dealing with the noisy language of shopping paper bags collected across Europe. Old fashioned claims colliding with promises for the future. Socialistic and capitalistic ideologies connected to consumerism. The first step was to create 17 remixed designs based on the illustrations on the bags. Then they were combined with each other to get 152 unique posters. The whole edition was printed on 10 different coloured papers in five print runs with a Risograph. Finally there are 760 unique prints. An edition each with 7 posters is available in a screen-printed folder made out of food carton.







Year 2012

Type Poster edition

Technique Risoprint, silkscreen

Size 297 × 420 mm

Edition 69 Folders, each with 7 unique prints




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